It’s no surprise that students, teachers, and volunteers are thrilled to be involved with Science is Elementary. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

What the teachers are saying:

“My students are able to extend what they learn with you to other subjects, sometimes months after the related topic.”
Jean DeSimone, Montague Elementary

“The children find that these special lessons with your crew are the highlight of the month.”
Susan Kramer, San Miguel Elementary teacher

“Thank you so very much for bringing the Science is Elementary program to first grade! My students always looked forward to science with you and the volunteers. I am posi­tive that you inspired many of them to become scientists one day.”
Erin Berry, San Miguel Elementary first grade teacher

What the students are saying:

Volunteer: “See you next month.”
Students: “Can’t you come tomorrow?”
Volunteer: “Well, tomorrow is Saturday. Who wants to come to school on a Saturday to do science?”
Students: “Me! me! me!”
Kindergarteners, San Miguel Elementary

“I don’t want to go to recess, I want to do science.”
Andy K., Flood Elementary student

Volunteer: “This is our last session for the year, everyone. We’ll see you next year.”
Student: “No fair!”
Student: “Oh, man!”
Student: “Can’t you come back next Monday?”
Student: “Why can’t we see you in the summer?”
Student: “Science is so cool”
First graders, James Flood Elementary

What the volunteers are saying:

“This is the best volunteer experience I have ever had!”
Elies Bik, Stanford

“[After the session] I leave and I have an amazing rest of the day knowing I contributed to the community.”
Hillary Frank, Facebook

“SiE makes it incredibly easy to volunteer.”
Jason Persampieri


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