Curriculum Overview

The Science is Elementary curriculum has been developed in-house by experienced science educators to reflect the organization’s pedagogical philosophy.

Our curriculum follows the Next Generation Science Standards formulated by the National Research Council.

Our curriculum acts as a continuum; lessons in each consecutive year build on what has been taught the previous year.  The Curriculum Map reflects what is currently being taught by our volunteers at each grade level. For the fifth grade lesson outline, go here.

Each unit which consists of 4 parts:

  • Guided Lesson Plan
  • Reading List
  • Teacher Toolkit
  • Take-home kits

The Guided Lesson Plan includes background science for the unit, a vocabulary list, a detailed description of the lesson, including step-by-step instructions and illustrations of the experiments, a list of suggested questions to ask the students, and a suggested script.

The Reading List recommends books for teachers to read to students as well as grade level appropriate books for students to read themselves.

The Teacher Toolkit contains background scientific information about the unit, the vocabulary list, a summary of the experiments, and a list of suggested follow-up experiments.

The Take-home kits can be given out. Currently, there are two at each grade level with plans to add more. They include materials to conduct experiments at home along with instructions. This engages parents in their children’s education.


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