A Unique Approach

Science is Elementary (SiE) brings volunteer scientists and engineers into elementary school classrooms to conduct small group, hands-on science experiments with children. Our trained volunteers lead monthly sessions that show students that science is fun, fascinating, and relevant.

Filling the Gap

Exposure to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in today’s public schools is in decline.  SiE helps fill the gap, engaging children in experiential activities as early as Kindergarten in order to spark a lifelong interest in science.

Science is for Everyone

Our presence in elementary school classrooms in low-income communities assures that everyone is exposed to science, not just those lucky enough to attend after-school science programs.  Our experiments utilize simple, everyday materials like popsicle sticks, marshmallows, and paper to demonstrate real scientific principles.  Students learn that they, too, can be scientists and that “cool” experiments can be done without fancy tools or equipment.

Role Models and Mentors

Role models are crucial to the development of scientific literacy.  All of our volunteers are scientists and engineers who bring a passion for their field, as well as for science, into the classroom.  Monthly in-class sessions, year after year, ensure continuity of learning and the development of strong mentor-like relationships.


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